PASSSOVER on the fly! 2018

This year for Passover at Firefly we’re trying a little something new. Don’t worry, we’re still serving our delicious Passover inspired menu (March 30th through April 4th). But this year, we’re also offering the best of our Passover favorites to take home to serve at your own Seder. That’s right! For the first time, you can amaze your family and friends by serving the best gefilte fish ever, chopped chicken livers to die for and brisket as tender as the youngest child asking “why is this night different than all others”. Or if you just want to enjoy your seder in front of the TV while you think about your Bubbie, that’s OK, too. Order those delicacies and more through our website Just place your order before noon on Monday, March 26th and we’ll have your order ready to pick up (with heating instructions if applicable) on March 29-31 between 3-5 pm. Please be sure to specify your desired pick up date and time on the order form (delivery will not be available). Since this is all new to us, the popular items may sell out fast. So what are you waiting for? Order already!

PASSOVER on the fly! Disclaimers and fine print:

All prices include tax. No refunds, unless, say, you thought you were ordering an Easter ham and just figured out what was really going on. Orders can be picked up Thursday, March 29th, Friday, March 30 or Saturday, March 31st between 3-5 pm. If this doesn't work please e-mail ( us and we will try to accommodate. All items are a la carte. Read the descriptions carefully to make sure you are getting what you want; unless, of course, you want a ham, in which case you should ask for a refund because there are none. Orders must be in by Monday, March 26th at noon. If there are any last minute changes to your order please let us know and we will try to accommodate. You may also email us with any and all questions.